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US Automotive Protection Services is committed to providing an exceptional experience to every family and their vehicles with a dependable, reliable, and affordable coverage plan for unexpected automotive repairs



A Personalized Approach To Your Warranty Needs

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Full New Car Coverage

This plan is our most popular option because it is mirrored after the manufacturer warranty that accompanies a new car, covering all mechanical and electrical breakdowns.


Comprehensive Coverage

This plan is the best coverage option for a vehicle with higher miles on it. It protects your vehicle’s engine, transmission, a/c, electrical system, starter, water pump, fuel pump & more.

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Powertrain Coverage

This plan is a great coverage option for major and minor vehicle parts, including your engine, transmission, water pump, alternator, starter, a/c and even your power windows.



US Automotive Protection Services is committed to providing an exceptional experience to every family and their vehicles with a dependable, reliable, and affordable coverage plan for unexpected automotive repairs. #1 auto warranty provider USA. Industry leading coverage & service. Reliable & affordable coverage plans. 100% of covered repairs are paid. Flexible payment plans. Rental cars. 24/7 roadside assistance. USA based.



Our Reputation Speaks For Itself

US Automotive Protection Services is a great company and has been very helpful with my car problems. They're very helpful and very nice people. My transmission started slipping and they paid out the 3k repair bill to get it fixed and made it so easy and hassle free. 5 stars and would recommend to everyone!

Billy N

My mother broke down on the highway. She called the service number and they were out there in about 20 minutes. Towed her and her car to the dealership and had her back out the door in about 30 min in a rental. They called her with updates while doing her warranty work. Simple and very convenient for my mother. Thank you very much US Automotive Protection Services.

Josh E

I received what I consider honest and trustworthy information from US Automotive Protection Services. Information on the warranty plan was explained in detail. What was covered and what was not with the protection plan. This is what I expect from a business! I based my decision solely on a discussion I previously had with a competitor a few days ago. The information the competitor provided was misleading from the very beginning of the conversation just to get my business. Thank you US Automotive Protection for being open and honest and not misleading me just to get my business.

Allen H

US Automotive Protection Services is the most pleasant the most professional group I have dealt with in a long time. Helped make the coverage affordable since I am on a fixed income. Only had a few small claims so far, but everything has been covered as I was told. I can't say enough good things about my experience....would recommend to anyone!

Linda D

Purchased an extended warranty from US Automotive Protection Services over a year ago for my car. Have nothing but great things to say (other than my car breaking down) and have been very pleased with my experience. From customer service to the claims process and now getting my car repaired multiple times with great service the entire way. I would recommend US Automotive to anyone and will be handling all my warranty needs with you all in the future! Thanks guys!

Jose S

US Automotive Protection Services contacted me by mail to extend my car warranty. At first I was hesitant, but this ended up being a great choice in the long run. My car has had several issues recently; bad wiring, a bad transmission, as well as some other minor stuff. All service and claims were filed in a timely manner and I really did only have to pay my deductible. The gentleman that got me my policy didn't extend the truth or put a bunch of filler and flash into it, he just told me the truth about a good service and helped me make the right choice. They're also very good about working with you during tough months on your payments. 5 stars!

Don J



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